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We had a similar situation to those mentioned above. We are a large company, we were approached by zillion about an article, there was an unclear email about column millimeters that they later claimed were costs, we signed an order sheet, but the order sheet did not indicate costs any costs but did reference that there would only be shipping costs if we ordered more than 25 print copies. we elected the digital copy, and were then sent an... Read more

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I must say I have seen some complicated scams before but this one ranks right up there. Do not do any work with this so called media group called Zillion Media B.V. The piece they say will be published in Zillion publi2.0 which is not really a magazine but appears to be some sort of digital publication. Here is the details of how the scam works. They scan the business news feed for business articles and will then approach the companies about... Read more

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I know who they are... Hello, I had exactly the same process with them. They tried to scam me for 8000 euro's. I work for a big company with 9000 employees so I had the oppertunitiy to expose them. I had contact by telephone with them and they were shocked I traced their location, real names and confonted them as fraudes. Zillion is runned from Bonaire by two people: Anne Hoemakers and Bert Vos (he has also a company in Bonaire called Cuanto).... Read more

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Zillion approached us having read one of our press releases, offering an interview and feature article. All seemed professional enough, with the exception of the thin info available about the publication itself - Though as it's print media, it wouldn't be unusual for there to be thin info online. Following the interview and publication - During which they were very keen to stress that we must provide photos - I asked for a copy of the magazine.... Read more

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The outline of the case is as follows:- • We were approached on email and on the phone by Zillion Media • We were asked if they could write a story about us for their Zillion Business Review – we accepted • No cost for the agreement was made as we do not pay for advertising (company standard) • The piece was written and pictures were requested from Zillion to support the editorial • As per request, we sent 5 pictures, of which 2 were chosen... Read more

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Zillion poses as a news outlet serving up executive briefs to senior leadership, but not online, only through print. So you're essentially paying the cost of printing a bunch of worthless magazines with your ad in it. Approached to do the article and interviewed. After reviewing their write up, I was asked to sign an order form that - in the small gray hard to read print - referenced costs they had never mentioned. This got me thinking and I... Read more

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Beware: do not waste time with Zillion Business Review! They claim to be a serious business magazine but are in fact selling advertisement space. Trolling the net for news releases, Zillion Business Review will request an interview, but never mention that there are costs involved with printing the interview. Once you sign an order form to receive a copy of their magazine featuring your article – guess what? The plot unfolds and you are presented... Read more

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