I must say I have seen some complicated scams before but this one ranks right up there. Do not do any work with this so called media group called Zillion Media B.V. The piece they say will be published in Zillion publi2.0 which is not really a magazine but appears to be some sort of digital publication. Here is the details of how the scam works.

They scan the business news feed for business articles and will then approach the companies about doing a fluff piece in their zillion publication based on the published piece on the news wire. There will be no discussion about cost or if you press them on it you do not get a clear answer. In the fine print of the digital pdf proof they send you their is to the effect this "you will be charged approximately 10 Euros for every millimeters of a photo that is used in the piece." No insertion order or contact will ever be presented. You will receive a nice digital pdf proof and a few months later you will get an invoice. The invoice will be for thousands of Euros. For example in my case the invoice said 1 Photograph - total mm = 250 @ 10,50 Eur for a grand total of $2,625.00 Eur due to them. They will require you to wire the money to their bank. The bank is in the Netherlands.

They tried this with us and I refused to pay the invoice as we never authorize them doing the ad and no contract or costs were ever discussed. You will then get an email from Anne Hoemakers threatening to send it to collection. You can pretty much at that time tell her to go jump off a bridge. There are many red flags to this mainly who charges for an ad based on the photo size? The more photos you have the more your bill will be.

As I noted it's ranks up there in terms of complexities of a scam as what they will present to you looks professional. But, don't fall for it. In closing I am attaching an image of the invoice they sent to us. I have blurred out information that I do not want to be seen across the web. However, users please be aware of this scam.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Same scam, same price, same tactics, same location - photo based pricing with 'free' editorial perpetrated by 'Business Trends' in the Netherlands.

One of our people was pitched on the idea by Ellen Groen. All pricing was carefully hidden, no totals, no contract, then all of a sudden, a letter for late invoices from Karin Gourley offering a 4% discount to resolve the matter.

Then comes the threat of turning us over to collection. All the elements of the scam match perfectly to the Zillion scam, even some of the people's names and their location at 7511 EL Enschede, The Netherlands.

Of course, during the scam, they are never concerned with the usual practice of asking for a signature on a contract that with a price on it - or asking for a Purchase Order.

Their calculus, is more about ensnaring unsuspecting people, and then getting some percentage to pay. Don't be fooled by their deceptive sales practices.

Sunnyvale, California, United States #1273195

Zillion is a scam who uses words that sound legit and offer "free" editioral articles and are thus are more successful at the scam. In the fine print they charge 10 Euros per mm per photo.

Naturally they use massive photos and charge for printing to a non-existant audience.

They have a person named Ellen and Anne who do this dirty work. Do not pay them.

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands #1180063

Please all of you, who have been scammed by Zillion, call the Dutch authority against fraud. Their number is: 0031 -88-786 7372.

As long as you speak English, the Dutch will be able to help you.

The more people report this matter, the sooner we can stop these horrible people.


What company are you using? We are in our third house with Window World Windows.

Excellent quality and installation all three times. Had one window crack this spring during a hail storm (Plano TX) called them the next day and they had new window made and installed in two weeks.

Excellent customer service. Our son had these installed in his house and also had excellent service.


Tihs has just happened to me too. What a racket. Do not work with Zillion!

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